About Us

Diva by Harper epitomises relaxation and well-being. Harper created Diva by Harper as she believes that every individual deserves to take a moment out of their day to let go, relax, and enjoy a moment of luxury.

Harper felt that home fragrances were the perfect way to start, as they offer warmth and comfort to the home. Fragrance have a deep impact on your emotions, which is why all Diva essential oils are picked to enhance your senses. The aromas from our fragrances will help you in finding your state of tranquillity. A moment to pause…and reflect.


Our Founder

Diva by Harper was founded by Harper Dulai. Combining her lifelong love of candles, well-being and home décor. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she created Diva by Harper as the first Diwali candle range. Harper has a beautiful spirit mixed with a make-it-happen attitude that allows her to truly throw her heart and soul into home scents.

Harper is a strong believer in individuals making time for themselves, and for them to create a space within their homes that oozes with pleasant feelings. Her travels have deepened her appreciation for affordable luxury and have cultivated her sense of home styling.