Our Journey

Diva by Harper prides itself on its quality ingredients. We offer exceptional handmade and handpicked products that are developed in Thailand and India. Being passionate about pampering yourself and creating time for one’s well-being comes with the right products, and ours are developed with fragrances that are personally chosen by Harper.

All of our candles are made from the pure vegetable wax, which burns clean and pure, with no black soot. We use cotton wicks and 100% quality essential oils.


The name ‘Diva’ was inspired by the Indian ‘Diya’ because of its ever-lasting, timeless beauty. Diya’s are quintessential tealights that are used during Diwali, or the Festival of Lights. However, it also incorporates another meaning.

We feel that the Diva is a celebration. To encourage you to have a love-yourself attitude, with the belief that you can achieve anything, giving pride in oneself and commended by all.